4 Reasons to Choose Modern Mill for Your Interior Design Needs

Expert home décor and styling with a modern aesthetic

At Modern Mill, we believe in the beauty of spaces. From salvaged and restored woodwork to rehabbed brick to impeccable interior design, there’s something magical that comes together in a well-styled house. It makes a house into a home. A space into personal space.

Our goal is to be the design hub for everything you need to modernize your living spaces. From purchasing quality home goods to home remodeling and interior design to sustainable energy solutions. We’re here to help you build unique living spaces into every aspect of your home.

Why choose Modern Mill for your home design needs?

We are a group of passionate design visionaries who respect the historical value of homes while adding modern style. We have experience in whole home design—from complete remodels and redesigns to light staging and style consultations. But more than that we truly love what we do: helping people find and create spaces they love, spaces they can call home, spaces they can live in.

Need more information? Here are four reasons to use Modern Mill for your design project.

1) Intuitive & modern interior design experts

One of Modern Mill’s key differentiators is our unique background. The company was founded by Mark and Carmen Brough. It draws on their passion for and knowledge of combining open, modern room concepts with classical homes—all with flawless style. Mark and Carmen rooted the company in their mission to create balanced living spaces that are unique and sustainable.

Modern Mill works with a variety of styles, and mid-century modern and transitional styles are our specialties. We especially love a good mix-and-match, layering contemporary aesthetic with vintage comfort and practicality. Our aesthetic blends inspiration from chic neighborhoods in California and Chicago, where Mark and Carmen spent a lot of time absorbing design elements. We combined this big-city, modern backdrop with a dash of personality cues from the home owner. This provides a truly custom look and feel.

Whatever your style, we partner with you to help you feel at home again. We are able to innovate a space and ensure it can be both visually beautiful and entirely functional to fit your current lifestyle and needs.

CALL OUT BOX (can appear anywhere, really, but fits with this section): Want to see a sample of our style? Visit the Modern Mill store at 3518 Broadway in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. You’ll find an expertly curated showroom of home décor, furniture, and art. And if you have any questions while you’re browsing, we’re happy to help! No appointment necessary.

2) From home restoration to refresh

While we appreciate that interior design and personal style are always evolving, we are also quite fond of preserving precious historical features that give homes character. Whether you’re renewing or restoring—or somewhere in between—we have experience across the home design spectrum to respect every element of your design project.

From a kitchen overhaul to an entryway refresh, Modern Mill balances the breathable nature of open spaces with sustaining any treasured historical features of the home. Combined, Mark and Carmen have purchased, refreshed, and then sold more than 100 homes. Many of these homes had original features that needed some TLC, from light sprucing up to major restoration efforts. Mark and Carmen believe in investing the time and care to properly preserve a home’s unique character.

3) Home staging: perfectly styled to sell

Modern Mill’s founders are two creative visionaries with backgrounds in real estate and design. This makes the company uniquely poised to help you stage your home to get it sold—faster and for more money. We understand how to maximize the beauty of your home, infusing it with an inviting sense of style that makes buyers fall in love.

We offer a variety of home staging plans, but our commitment to service is always the same. Selling a home is stressful enough. We take care of all the aesthetic staging design details so you don’t have to.

4) Space Lift: a whole home interior design experience

Starting with the blank slate of a new home or want to refresh your entire house? Modern Mill offers complete “space lifts” for your home. Our Space Lift [ link to Space Lift page] packages give a complete aesthetic overhaul for every room in your house. They provide a fresh perspective on how to best maximize and use your home’s design—today and into the future.

Modern Mill’s Space Lifts are perfect for new home purchases, refreshing your home’s interior canvas, or polishing it to sell in pursuit of your dream home. We work with you to innovate and renovate in a way that maintains market-desirable sustainability and treasured historical elements. All while infusing your rooms with chic, modern style to make you feel perfectly at home.

Ready to start your interior design journey?

Transform your house into a home. Give your rooms a Space Lift and start seeing your home in a new light.

Fill out our brief form to schedule your custom design consultation. Prefer to talk through your interior design idea? You can also call us at (260) 440-2880.

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