5 ways to get into the Holiday Spirit

HO HO HO! It's that hectic time of year and the air is colder.  For some of us the sun isn't shining quite so much either!  How to kick-start those holiday good feels if you're in a rut?  Here are our top 5 MUST-DOs:

1 - Holiday music... whether it's the classics or holiday pop, festive music always gets me going!

2 - Trimming a tree.  Getting that tree up with some great decorations and plenty of lights sets the house aglow in that special way that makes me feel warm inside when it's cold outside.

3 - Wrap a few gifts. Giving something away is a sure-fired way to bump up your serotonin. 

4 - Baking cookies... What's better than the smell of fresh-baked cookies?

5 - Last but not least of my favorite 5 is drinking hot chocolate. It's warm and cozy and better when shared.

A little of each of the above can go a long way.  Indulge just a bit and enjoy the Holiday spirit.... 

Merry Christmas,



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