Sometimes it’s good to hit the reset button on our body and lifestyle. Whether it be focus on your body or your tech habits, sometimes we just need to reign it in. Detoxing is a great way to kick start new habits and cravings!!

1- Organs & Input: Giving your body a quick break from toxic-heavy foods and drinks will give your organs a welcome respite. I personally love a juice/soup cleanse combo. All the fibers you get from vegetables are important for your body’s normal functions and the mainline nutrients you get from juicing is such a great boost. if you don’t want to invest in a juicer at home, there are a lot of great places that do the work for you. Often, they even put together cleansing juice combos.

2 - Organs & Output: Exercise is such a great way to get the toxins out! Getting your heart rate going is essential to improve circulation and pump oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells through the body to the organs. it also helps clean out the lungs and our skin as our breathing speeds up and we sweat. Yoga specifically can have some added benefits to detoxify. The idea is when specific twists affect the spine, blocking the blood flow, then allowing the blood to flow again and forcing toxins through the organs. It also acts to “squeeze“ organs to help them illuminate toxins. And again, the deep breathing techniques in yoga helps illuminate toxins from the lungs and introducing fresh oxygen to the body.

3 - Tech Detox: Winter is the time when people spend the most amount of time on their phones. when we snuggle in and metaphorically hibernate, it’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of tech! make a plan to get distracted with other things. Limit your time on your phone… pick up a book instead. Even though it’s cold, get outside for a little while every day. It is incredibly refreshing and mentally cleansing!


Wishing you a detoxed clean and fresh March! Hang in there... spring is coming.


❤️ Carmen

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