Dont Be "SAD"

Well it’s mid February… Anyone feeling the “SAD” (Seasonal Affected Disorder) setting in? Sometimes it’s hard to endure the winter doldrums but here are some tips to help you through it!

1- Exercise Endorphins: the non-drug drug. If you get your body moving, you are sure to feel a bump in your mood. Exercise endorphins are real and they can definitely make you feel happier!

2- Flowers. Seeing the Valentines flowers in the office and in the home have definitely improved my mood this week! Why not keep it going? Set a budget and allow yourself a new bouquet every week or two. It doesn’t have to be big!

3- Weekend Getaway. Take a quick short distance trip… Preferably going south if you’re in the cold north. Getting out of town for a couple nights will do you wonders! Explore a new city or get somewhere that you can walk outside and breathe fresh air!

4- California Dreaming. Start planning your spring break trip! Doesn’t thinking about a warm sandy beach just make you feel warm inside?

5- Laugh. Finally, make sure you spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Have a party, game night or plan a night out with some of your favorite people for dinner every couple weeks. Laughter is the best medicine and my besties and I are always laughing!


Stay warm, friends. Keep the faith. The next season is just around the corner.


❤️ Carmen

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