Get Organized 2020

So you’ve made a New Year’s Goal to get organized… Anyone feeling stuck? We are here with a few tips to get you started… 

First, for your day to day routine, use a planner, daily lists and/or dry erase boards.  I have two removable large dry erase calendars that I mount in my mudroom.  One for the current month and one for the upcoming month.  It has been a dream!  With 3 kids and 2 adults with lots of activities, I finally feel on top of the chaos! And everyone in the family can follow along!

Second, for organizing your home, identify your number one space that you want to organize and set aside an allotted chunk of time, whether it be an hour or two or a full day, to dig in.

Now step three is to declutter. We recently had professional organizer Janet Evans from Tiny And Tidy at Modern Mill leading a workshop on organization. She suggests that when you declutter, remove all items and separate them into piles. You will obviously have a pile of items that you use often. You will have another of items that you use, but not quite as often. You’ll have things that you’ve not used in years… These will go into a trash pile or a giveaway pile.

Forth, Janet suggests that you create a plan of action for these piles. Remember to really consider if what you have is useful or junk. It is never fair to pass your junk on to someone else… if it’s junk, throw it away! If it’s useful to someone else, give it away. You may have someone specific in mind or you can take it to your local thrift store.

Once you’ve done away with the two piles that you will not keep, you need to figure out what to do with the two piles you will keep! Things you use more often, you will probably want at your fingertips. Consider going through organizational containers to choose what suits your needs best. You can look through Amazon, go to a container store or pop into Target. You want to make sure you keep like things together and then label if at all possible. It is worth it to invest in a label maker.

For things you’re going to tuck away, the look of your organizational item will not be as important. If you have height in your cabinets, look for organizational tools that make use of height. One of Janet’s tricks is to use upright magazine holders. The metal ones work particularly well for under cabinet curling irons and hair dryers! As for things you want to keep out in plain sight, use trays and more aesthetically pleasing containers.  You will feel best if you love what you see.

And if all else fails, reach out to a professional organizer.  Janet is amazing at what she does and helps so many people who cannot see past their own clutter! A little paid help can really go a long way in how you feel.

Carmen Brough

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