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Hello! I'm Carmen, wife, mother and owner and operator of Modern Mill Home. I love interior spaces, architecture, clothing, art, traveling, great food, good music and entertainment. In 2016 (it feels like just yesterday!), my husband and I fell in love with an empty building with potential on a busy corner in our neighborhood. We bought it in early 2017 and slowly but surely uncovered its beautiful bones. While the building was initially meant to be just an office space for Modern Mill, as we peeled back the layers, I felt the draw to carve out a boutique space. Every aspect of Modern Mill centers around the home (realty, interior decorating and design, solar, HVAC and more), so I knew home goods and decor would be my boutique's focus. I continue to mold and shape the store, filling it with more fun and beautiful items. Every time I step foot in the door, I smile and feel an instant sense of peace, the same feeling I strive to help clients achieve in their own homes. I eagerly look forward to further developing relationships with our neighborhood and city, our existing clients and all the new faces that come through our door, using thoughtful design and great customer service. Come in and say hello!


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  • Mark Brough

    Hi Carmen. Nice Post. TTYL.

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