After a long cold winter, I am arguably too eager for the warmth, colors and new life that comes with Spring. Although the new season is officially here (hooray!!!), I am tempted to dive headlong into all things warm weather. For those of us in the more northern states, we know that warm temperatures are not yet ready to be the consistent norm. We might get an occasionally sunny day that brings our temperatures up, but we will still see many nights drop below freezing. So, what do we do when we can’t yet throw open our windows and let the warm air and scents of nature fill our homes or when putting out summer containers is not yet safe? Patiently, with baby steps, we get our Spring on in other ways! 

Here is how I take on the elusive early Spring… First off, I like to freshen up my wardrobe. It’s time to bring in more color! Brighter lipsticks and accent jewelry, a few lighter fabrics and slowly but surely - baby steps - ease into flats and light cardigans, as I put away boots and winter jackets. Next, as I shift my attention to my surroundings, I like to make sure that all of my decidedly winter decor, both indoors and outdoors, are put away and I do a quick pre-spring cleaning. Then I pull out colored pillows, throws and maybe a few framed floral prints. If you are really motivated and capable, a fresh coat of paint on an accent wall or piece of furniture can go a long way. When I look to spring color, I always follow my cravings – pastels and bright hues are both acceptable! I put together some centerpieces with various vases, changing up shapes and / or heights, and every week or two I grab a bunch or more of fresh spring flowers to fill a couple of those vases. 

On the days the temperatures get a little bit higher, I open the windows and let the air in - first just 5 to 10 minutes, and gradually more as the temperatures warm. Don’t discount the effect of a wisely chosen candle scent to elevate the mood either! One of my favorites is the refreshing soy wax candle, California, from our local vendor, Simple Nature. Lastly, I shift my focus outside. Outdoor containers? Again, baby steps! If I just cannot wait, I purchase spring bulb and plant blooms, keeping them in their plastic containers either independently or grouped into a larger planter. That way, if the temperatures drop below freezing in the evening, I can easily pull them into my garage overnight and bring them back outside the next day as the sun starts to warm up again. Mid-April, I pop these plants, bulb blooms and other spring flowers out of their plastic containers and into my more permanent outdoor containers. As soon as I get to Mother’s Day, all bets are off. It’s time to plant plant plant! Cheers friends! Here comes the sun…

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