TOP 3 D’S – DO’S - To Start Right Now Before The Spring Season


Hey, it’s Alison here with Modern Mill Realty.  If you are thinking about selling your place you want to listen up.  Today are my 3 do’s, my “D’s” if you want to get your place on the market and start now.

It’s Declutter, Define and Do the fixing.

What do I mean by declutter?  Let’s start with the first one.  Just get rid of everything that is out on the counter top.  Even in that kitchen, even in the drawers and in the closets.  People are going to open those things up and they are going to look.  You want everything pristine so just take out or put those items in storage those things that you are not using or that is just out.  I am even talking about all that personal stuff.  People want to walk into your space and envision their things in your space not necessarily yours. Less is always more.

Next you want to define the space.  Are you the type of person that has two eating areas maybe two dining rooms or you’ve changed a bedroom into an office?  Maybe you have some weird loft space that is kind of a playroom/sitting room and nobody quite knows what it is? Well that is the same thing when people walk into your house.  You want to make sure the people know exactly what the space is so they don’t have to leave guessing with what they are going to do with rooms in your house.

Lastly, do the fixing.  I had a client last week say, “you know I have this broken window downstairs and a door that is kind of unhinged, do I fix that”?  My answer was YES you fix it.  This is a great time to do that.  And its also a great time to put a fresh coat of paint on the interior.  Did you know that every 5 years we should be doing that?  It will make a world of difference.

Declutter, Define, Do the Fixing.

And those are my TOP 3 THINGS you must do if you're even thinking about SELLING YOUR PLACE this year.

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See ya next time…


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