Buy Your Next Home With Us

Let Us Find Your Perfect Home

When you are looking for someone to help you with the process of buying a home, what are you really looking for?

  • Is it someone that is friendly and responsive?
  • Someone that understands your vision and needs?
  • Someone that can anticipate your wants and deliver without fuss?
  • Someone that can take care of everything, wrap it up in a bow, and hand you the keys?
  • Someone that can get you what you're looking for fast and within your budget?

The answers should be: all of the above. With Modern Mill, we have big city experience, but we also service every one of our clients with hometown care and with expediency and results in mind.

And once you have purchased your home, Modern Mill can help make that new home the perfect space for you and your family, down to every room, every appliance, every wall, and every corner. Let Modern Mill finance, design, and remodel your new home so that when move-in day comes, you can skip the awkward days of getting to know your home and instead start enjoying it right away.

Our Experience Leads to Home Buying Results

We have an experienced team bringing proven buying and selling strategies from the Chicago and San Diego markets to our hometown of Fort Wayne. We know how to market in a complex and competitive landscape. We have local expertise, and when you partner with us you don't have to know the market— because we do.