The Modern Mill Story

Mark and Carmen's Journey Home

The Modern Mill story begins on Old Mill Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I grew up. There, in the Southwood Park neighborhood, I learned at my father’s hip as we worked side-by-side maintaining our beautiful historic home. Later, after graduating from Butler University in Indianapolis, I moved to California, eventually settling in San Diego and starting my own mortgage company.

Carmen was born in Bismarck, North Dakota, and after finishing school, she moved to California. She put her natural skills with numbers and finance to good use in the mortgage business, while also cultivating a keen design eye while working for a high-end kitchen and bath firm.

Every city and town has its own Southwood Park, it’s own Old Mill Road, neighborhoods and streets with history and character.

My path crossed with Carmen’s in 2006. We fell in love, got married, and soon we welcomed the first of our three children into the world, a beautiful girl named Bella.

In 2007, while still living in California, I helped one of my brothers flip a house back in Fort Wayne. I traveled back and forth from Indiana to California for a time, but as more renovation projects developed, Carmen and I decided to move our family to Fort Wayne. Together, we built a business around renovating distressed homes with a thoughtful design aesthetic that remains true to the integrity of the home, and to the history of the surrounding neighborhood.

After many more projects, grand ideas, and long conversations, we came up with a name for the company that harkens back to where it all started: modernizing beautiful homes near my old stomping grounds on Old Mill Road, hence the name “Modern Mill.”

The thing is, every city and town has its own Southwood Park, it’s own Old Mill Road, neighborhoods and streets with history and character, and we want to help new generations of growing families like ours restore and maintain the unique qualities that make those homes so special, while at the same time updating those homes to fit life in the 21st century. This means having respect for traditional craftsmanship while developing expertise in cutting-edge energy solutions.

In 2017, we began renovating an empty storefront at the end of Old Mill Road, and in 2018, we opened the doors to a new furniture and design showroom downstairs from our offices. We want this space to be a celebration of local artists and designers, a place where neighbors can come together to celebrate the continuing rejuvenation of the city we all call home.

-Mark Brough