Experienced Modern Home Contracting

When You Need Modern and Innovative Renovation, Remodeling and Contracting Solutions

Modern is not just part of our name— it's our inspiration. We build unique living spaces into every aspect of your home. Modern Mill boasts a unique, niche background in combining open modern room concepts with classic homes.

Whether you need whole home build services, unique space renovations, or design-based contracting solutions for smaller or single room projects, we are here to help you turn your home base into a reflection of your lifestyle.

We can transform your Whole Home Experience, but we really shine with:

  • Kitchen remodels
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Living room solutions
  • Modern roofing systems

By layering contemporary aesthetic with vintage comfort and practicality, we’re able to innovate a space and ensure it can be both visually beautiful and entirely functional to fit your needs.

We call our intuitive, modern design methodology, the Space Lift.

Renovations with Purpose—Introducing the Space Lift

Whether you’re in need of a refresh to your home’s interior canvas or you’re getting ready to sell in pursuit of your perfect home, we can renovate your home in a way that maintains its sustainability, increases its value instantly, and keeps its irreplaceable historical features, all the while giving it a new look to suit your modern tastes and the features that buyers want.