Modern Mill is passionate about providing extraordinary energy solutions for commercial, municipal, residential, and non-profit customers. Our mission is to offer an affordable, efficient and yes, modern, approach to today’s energy needs. Now is your chance to be one of the first in the Midwest to go Solar!

Listen to what our clients have to say about going solar!

The Ritters wanted to make the switch to Solar and have a more sustainable property to run their all-electric home. They wanted to save money on electricity for their barn, green house, and hot tub. The Ritters have seen changes every month in their electric bill continue to move down. Switching to Solar "just made sense".

Before going solar Curt and Peggy enjoyed their decorative lighting and electronics in their home but also wanted to save money on their electric bill.They decided to go solar not only to be a better steward of the resources they had, but because they knew utility costs will only continue to rise.

We provide energy solutions for every need under the sun.

Our goal is to help customers harness the boundless energy of the sun, achieving energy freedom by strategically managing demanding and growing energy needs. No matter where you live, renewable, solar energy can work for you and your home or business. Currently, customers can take advantage of a 30% federal income tax rebate, an Indiana property tax exemption and a 50% one-time bonus depreciation. Solar systems can add value to a home or business greater than the cost of the system (based on NOI appraisal) and offers a fixed electric rate for 25 years. Turn this utility expense into income and enjoy a smaller carbon footprint, improving the world for generations to come.


Modern Mill won’t rest until everyone has clean, renewable, and cost-effective energy solutions powering their homes. Our panels are powerful yet polished. They will lower your power bills, and increase the value of your home. Available with low financing options. Imagine saving 20-40% or even more each month! What are you waiting for? Go solar today!


We offer Solar Systems that scale with your business needs. We know that keeping costs under control is important for any business. Going solar will not only help you take control of your energy costs and lock in lower rates, but will also reduce your carbon footprint and establish environmental and social responsibility within your community.

Municipal & Non-Profit

We’re happy to help towns, cities, and non-profits go solar! Renewable energy is a wonderful way to reduce an organization’s costs while expressing its commitment to a clean energy future. Modern Mill puts renewable energy to work for municipalities and non-profits of all sizes, scopes, and budgets. Save money each month, while caring for the environment, now and into the future.



I can’t say enough about this amazing company who helped us make the switch to solar! Modern Mill was so professional, well informed, not too pushy, and honest. Since we switched we have saved money and feel good knowing we are doing something to have a positive effect on the planet! Yay for solar! Yay for Modern Mill!

All stars go to Modern Mill for my 12 solar panel installation in Fort Wayne. Mark is up on all the latest solar advances, and his installation was professional and perfect. I’m making more energy than I need, which makes me very happy. My last three bills have been $7.81 each… in the summer!

Just had solar installed on our home after an impressive experience with Modern Mill Solar’s Mark Brough. He went above and beyond with his customer service. He was honest, transparent, helpful and thorough throughout the consultation and quote process. The service and the quality and competency of Modern Mill is impressive. Just got our first bill and rather than pay our usual amount, nothing was due. Wooohooo! Thanks, Modern Mill!

Best company in the Metro Detroit area! Everything was explained in great detail. Panels were up in a day. Quick service. Mike Maviglia, the electrician, was great to work with he was quick, polite, and paid great attention to detail with his work. Could not have asked for a better electrician. Overall a great company to do business with!