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A little info on why you should go Solar..

No monthly bill fluctuations - You know what your power bill will be each month, until your solar energy system is paid off. No more having to worry about an unexpected high power bill from your local utility company. 

Solar energy is a renewable energy source - Currently most electricity is generated by fossil fuels that will eventually run out some day. Solar energy is a great way to replace the need for those fossil fuels as it draws power directly from the sun.

Solar Energy systems are durable - Solar panels are strong and able to resist the elements over time. Their are also no moving parts, which reduces the chances of any power interruptions through a mechanical breakdown.

Environmentally friendly - Your solar energy system produces no harmful contaminants that will harm the environment in any way.

This calculator is just an estimate of what your system size may be, given the factors will differentiate because this calculator is based if all your panels were facing south.