Give Your Home a Space Lift

Modern Mill's Design Experts Will Give Your Home a Quick and Easy Makeover

Do you have a room in your home that you want to refresh, but you just don't know where to start? Are you planning to sell your home, and you want to show your space in the best possible light?

Introducing our custom design method: the Space Lift

A Space Lift from Modern Mill is the easy solution for homes that need a freshening up. Our team of trained interior designers will work with you to re-imagine that problematic room in your home, whether it's a cluttered kitchen that needs organized or a living room that you just can't figure out how to arrange. Check out our latest Space Lift Giveaway #2!

Space Lift Giveaway #1

Mandy and Trent wanted a space that would be a great place for plants, reading, and company. They put up an awesome corrugated wall that brought texture to the space but we thought it needed a little light so we sprayed it white, wow what a difference! We also knew the arrangement they had wasn't the best for the desire they were wanting to we placed the furniture in a more social environment. 

A Space Lift is perfect for homeowners that want to beautify their space but just don't have the time, or homeowners looking to sell but don't want to invest in a full renovation or remodel.





A Space Lift is perfect for homeowners that want to increase the value of their home or stage their home for a faster sale.

So if you're tired of living in a home you've fallen out of love with, contact Modern Mill. The first consultation is free.