Modern Mill: Perfectly At Home

Our Whole Home Experience

At Modern Mill, we believe your home is more than just the place where you live—it’s the place where you feel happiest, the most relaxed, the most at-ease, the most, well, at home.

Modern Mill is here to help you attain that feeling by offering a Whole Home Experience, from restoration to renovation, from real estate to interior design services. If you and your family want a more comfortable a kitchen or bathroom, Modern Mill’s master craftsmen will transform your space with sustainable goods, materials, and practices.

If you have been searching for a new home, or you are ready to pass on your home to a new family, Modern Mill will guide you every step of the way, from staging to remodeling, to listing and financing. If you already love your home and you just want it to be more energy efficient, Modern Mill offers an affordable, efficient and, yes, modern approach to solar installation.