Aydry wooden wick candle tin in cherry blossom
Three wooden wick candle tins by Aydry and Co.
Aydry wooden wick candle tin in champagne brunch
Aydry wooden wick candle tin in white tea

Aydry Wooden Wick Tin Candle - 3 oz.

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Wooden wick candle made with carefully developed original formula, providing beautiful scents, clean burning, and long-lasting.  Each candle contains a unique blend of fragrance and essential oils.  In addition, our natural wooden wicks add a beautiful touch to our premium candles. 

  • Champagne Brunch - Inspired by a champagne brunch in bed. The beautiful aroma blend of sparkling champagne, fresh peach and strawberries creates rich and fresh fruity notes.
  • Cherry Blossom - The beautiful aroma blend of Japanese cherry blossom and plumeria creates soft, pretty and floral notes.
  • White Tea - The soothing aroma blend of white tea and fresh fruits creates clean, soft floral and sweet fruity notes.
(-via aydry.com)